Friday, November 2, 2012

Photo Memories of My College Years as an UPSCAN

University of the Philippines Chapel of the Holy Sacrifice in Diliman, Q.C.. My name is one of the 1,000 names buried in the foundation of this church before the start of construction in the 1950's. The chapel is now a historical landmark in the Philippines, being the first circular architectural structure built in the Philippines. A 1:5000 miniature model of the chapel was the decoration at the top of our wedding cake on May 8,1957.

The following are some of the photos during my college years at the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines from 1952-1956. My involvement with the activities of UP Student Catholic Action (UPSCA) were the highlights of my college life experiences. At that time I was studying on my Bachelor Science degree in Chemistry. I graduated in October, 1955 then went to US to pursue my Ph.D degree in 1959. The rest is history and for details of my life after my college years please visit my site at,

Macrine( my spouse of 55 years) and my Bachelor Degree Graduation Photos

UPSCANS In front of the Old Chapel after Mass with Fr. John Delaney. Fr John was my inspiration and hero at that time. His words and action still reverberates in my mind today!

During two of our regular monthly meetings

UPSCA Choir, 1953 with Prof Antonio Molina

During one of the many monthly socials during my college years. Dancing with Macrine

UP Men's South Dorm Officers and Residents, 1954. I was one of the officers of Mens South Dorm Association. I am in the front row kneeling first in the far Left.

Macrine and friends, 1953

UPSCANS, College of Liberal Arts

UPSCANS-After the General Meeting

After UPSCAN Board Meeting with Fr. John Delaney. Do you recognize yourself in this photo?

Dave and Macrine at the UPSCA Monthly Social

Note: If you are in any of the above photos, I would like to get in touch with you. I could be reached in my website above and also at I hope you are also aging gracefully.

Here's a short history of UPSCA from UPSCA can be traced as far back as 1939 when Fr. James McCarthy, a Colombian priest, organized a Student Catholic Action (SCA) in UP as an offshoot from the Scholastic Philosophy Club (SPC) said to have been formed at 1936. SPC was an organization of Catholic UP students who held discussions on theological themes such as Catholic Philosophy and the works of St. Thomas Aquinas.

In 1941-45, UPSCA, like all university organizations, hushed as World War II took over the entire country. But in 1946, UPSCA was the first SCA chapter to reorganize. It was at this time that Fr. John Patrick Delaney stroked the fire that burned in UPSCA. Then, in 1950, the UP flagship was moved from Padre Faura, Manila to Diliman, Q.C. In the new Campus UPSCA spearheaded the construction of the Chapel of the Holy Sacrifice(see photo above).

As its history manifests, UPSCA was formed by the people who cared about something a lot bigger than themselves—other people. As they struggled to bring about change in the country, campus and in the hearts of students and others in the UP community, they carved a niche for a different way of living one’s life in and out of UP. The spirit and mission of UPSCA has been my inspiration and goals in life. I thank the late Fr. John Delaney for his guidance and inspiration during my student years in the 1950's in UP, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines.


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