Monday, April 15, 2013

Death, Family and Taxes

Four days prior to our departure to the Philippines, last January, my brother-in-law, my wife's younger brother died. We tried to change our ticket for an earlier departure. We found out we have to purchase a new ticket at a ridiculously high price. Since we are not rich, we decided not to attend my brother-in-law funeral services. One of my sister-in-law residing here in Northern California was able to fly to the Philippines representing all of us residing abroad for the burial ceremonies and wake.

When we arrived four days after the burial, one of my wife's nephew invited us for dinner at his house in Quezon City. Their residence was our first home, a wedding gift from both of our parents. When we immigrated to US, the house was sold to my brother-n-law who in turned gave it to his son. His son was the one who invited us for dinner (see photo above). Here's a caption of the photo above as published in his FaceBook page”.

" I believe tracing roots help the current generation in understanding themselves focus on strengths to better themselves. Family is the base of a person’s stability and values. If we could present the uprising generation the heritage we all strive for, we could pass on a proud legacy of continuance & betterment”.

I could not agree more. Perfectly stated indeed!

The above statement reminded me of a Filipino saying “ You have to know your past in order to see your future”

The death of my brother-in-law also reminded me, that there are only two things that you can not avoid: Death and Taxes. Regarding taxes, today I mailed my Federal and State Income Taxes. Luckily as a retiree and earning very little, I did not pay any taxes. But submitting my annual income tax returns, is a must.

So my dear readers, do you agree that in order to see your future you must look at your past. Your comments will be highly appreciated. Happy tax time to All!

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