Thursday, September 4, 2014

I am Beginning to Like Being a Hubber

This was my second hub featured on HubPaged on 8/26/14.

When I first read the news on my Squidoo Dashboard that HubPages is acquiring Squidoo, I did not welcome the news. Like most of us, I do not welcome change if I am not sure if the change is for the better. However, of today I know this change is a positive change regarding my writing activities.

I joined Hubpages about 11 days ago without waiting for the transfer of my 23 featured lenses in Squdoo. I joined Squidoo in 2011 but after publishing my 23 lenses, I decided to be inactive. I did not have any incentive to continue writing. I earned less than $3.00 in my account since 2011 and I can care less because I am writing not for money, but for the pleasure of writing and meeting other writers who shares the same passion as I have for the written word.

The first day I joined Hubpages I wrote my first hub on the subject of home refinancing. The hub was a personal experience, thus it was written from my heart not from my mind. I was surprised when it made Editor Choice the next day. As a new hubber, I was not familiar with the capsules, format, styles, and other positive format to avoid monotony such as polls, quizzes, videos and maps. I am only familiar with photos. Now I am aware of these features and have incorporated it in my second hub published a couple of days ago. The subject of my second hub was on Feasting with Oysters and it aslo made it to Editors Choice less than 24 hours after I hit the Publish button on my HubPages Account.

I also joined a forum on the subject of the Squidoo Acquisution. The questions and answers were very informative especially to new hubbers like me. I started following old hubbers and made some comments on a few hubs that I found interesting. As a result of this activity. I have now 7 followers and four comments in my two hubs.

Based on my readings on the forum, I concluded that the Hubpages editorial Staff are more proactive than Squidoo. I had two questions in the Forum that received an immediate response from one of the HubPagers Staff.

I received two welcome notes in my Fan Mail from two veteran hubbers. This was indeed welcome and had inspired me to write this hub. I also realized that HubPagers have hubbers from all over the world. To my delight and amazement I found out there are several hubbers with Filipino roots or are residents of the Philippines. Being a Filipino-American and a citizen of both countries, my association with HubPages will turn out to be a very positive change in my writing activities.

The last point, I want to emphasize is my great chance to earn more pocket money for coffee here in HubPages. I signed in the Earnings Program just yesterday. When I checked my earnings this morning I was surprised I earned 0.05 cents. I hope this positive trend continue upward as I published more hubs in the future , Speaking on the earning program of HubPages, one of my FaceBook friends from India asked me recently if she can earned money by writing for the Site. I told her I am new to the site, but based on what I know now, she has to write more than 100 good Quality Hubs and sign in their Adsense, E-bay and Amazon programs. I have not heard from her. I guess hearing from me that she has to write 100 hubs will discourage almost everyone except for a few souls whose passion for writing is their way of life.

As a conclusion, I welcome with open an heart and mind, HubPages acquisition of Squidoo. I am 110% sure this change will bring a positive change ( if not lucrative) in my writing activities. I salute HubPages and its 15 industrious Staffs and looking forward to write more hubs and the completion of the transfer of lenses from Squidoo to HubPages

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