Friday, March 6, 2015

Blind Devotion-Woman Struggles With Developing Blindness

The following video went viral in FaceBook just recently. However, just in case you have not seen, here it is, Be sure to have a tissue of Kleenex by your side. I guarantee it will touch your heart. As the primary care giver to my wife who is suffering from Parkinson Disease, I could personally identify with the sentiment of this video.

Blind Devotion is the second in a series of short films that were created by the Jubilee Project, a non-profit organization that exists to tell uplifting and inspiring stories that elicit change. Blind Devotion explores the relationship between a husband and wife who must come to terms with the wife's life-changing diagnosis of developing blindness. From beginning to end, this short subtly examines what it means to truly love another person. Instead of focusing on the passionate aspects of love that Hollywood films tend to dote on, Blind Devotion fixes its gaze on the delicate and minute actions of the day-to-day that express a deep and powerful level of love and companionship.

Jubilee Project was started by three friends with a diverse set of backgrounds - one of them is a businessman, one is in medicine, and the third in government - but they found a strong connection in their mutual love of film and their devotion to philanthropy. Jason, Eddie, and Eric got the idea to create impactful films for change after raising money for Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. They initially asked for donations in a New York City subway station, but when they didn't reach their goal, they decided to make a video and put it online. This video raised ten times as much money as their efforts in the subway, and this was the moment they realized how powerful film could be to their philanthropic endeavors. They now produce short films, PSAs, and documentaries in conjunction with non-profit organizations with the hope that their work will inspire others to take positive action.

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