Friday, October 14, 2016

Constipation- One of the Side Effects of Carbo-Levo Dopa for the Treatment of Parkinson Disease

My wife had been diagnosed with Parkinson Disease in 2013. One of the several medications, she is taking to control her movements disorder is Carbo-Levo Dopa ( Sinemet). The drug is effective in controlling tremours but one of the side effects of the drug is constipation. Her neurologist gave her a recipe that contains bran (high fiber) and prune juice, but Macrine hates it. Currently she is also taking Ducolax-a stool softener. I also encouraged her to consume fruits and vegetables with high fiber content. The fruits, vegetables and grains that she like are: apples, seedless grapes, bananas, mangoes, kiwi, avocado, papayas, broccoli, spinach and cucumbers. The fruits and food she hates are dried prunes, pickled sugar beets, cabbage and dark bread.

The following video lists the top 10 high fiber food to prevent constipation:

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