Thursday, May 2, 2013

Another Stage of My Life as a Proud Grand Papa Attained

Last week, my wife and I received a note from our oldest son, Dodie. He informed us that his second child, Alix ( Alexandra) has finally chosen UCLA as her college of choice for this Fall. Alix had applied to several schools in the US among others UC Berkeley, Standford and MIT. I was surprised she wants to major in Physics. I know she is one of my smartest grand child and I was hoping she will major in Chemistry following my footsteps. But there is nothing wrong with Physics. She will have better chances of getting a good job as a Physicist than as a Chemist, since she will have fewer competition.

I gave her my salute and her choice of Physics as her college major my whole-hearted support. God Luck to You Alix and May God guide you in your college years and beyond. Your graduation from high school next month will be another stage in our life as proud grandparents. Alix your grandma and I are indeed proud of your accomplishments so far. Keep up with good work!

Note: Currently we have three grand children in college. One is a freshman at UC Cruz, the other is also a freshman at Oregon State and my oldest grandson is now a sophomore in Sacramento State University.

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