Monday, May 27, 2013

Natural Disasters/Calamities Experienced

The recent tornado( F5) in Moore, Oklahoma and the earthquake( 5.7) in Greenville, Northern California reminded me of the several calamities that I have personally experienced. The recent northern California earthquake of magnitude 5.7 quake struck at around 8:47 p.m. Thursday, about 150 miles northeast of Sacramento. Its epicenter was about 27 miles southwest of the town of Susanville and seven miles west northwest of Greenville. I felt this earthquake. I was setting reading my PC. I thought my wife was shaking my chair, but this one did not scare me at all.

The natural disasters that I have experience besides the tornado and earthquakes are: hurricanes, blizzard, blinding fog and rain, volcanic eruptions, and typhoons and floods. I think only a tsunami, land slides and forest fires are the three natural disasters I have not witnessed in my lifetime.

The number one natural disaster, I am familiar with are the typhoons ( Philippines) or hurricanes ( East Coast). Growing up in the Philippines, I could remember at least five destructive typhoons and floods as of today. The typhoon that I will never forget is Reming that destroy almost all of the Nipa hut homes in Marinduque. The roof of my beach house made of Nipa thatched palm was also blown away. The whole of downtown Boac was flooded and resulted in great destruction and damage to the whole province.

The next natural disaster I will never forget are the earthquakes. I have experienced one big earthquake in the Philippines when I was a child that destroyed historic churches, homes and industrial buildings. Another earthquake that scared me to death was the La Loma Prieta earthquake in California that destroyed the Oakland-San Francisco Bridge in 1989. In this earthquake, I thought I would die as the shaking was so strong. My wife who was working as visiting nurse at that time in the East Bay was also scared. Showers of broken and shattered glass followed her as she and others run outside their 17- story building to the parking lot. Luckily the tremors and shaking were short-live.

Blinding rain and snow blizzard I experienced several times when my family were residing in the East Coast in the 1990's. Blinding fog we had experienced a number of times when were residing in California Central valley of California in the late 1960's and early 1970's. An FO tornado I experienced when we resided in Kansas City, Missouri in the late 1960's.

As far as volcanic eruptions, my wife and I observed a mild occurrence during our vacation in Hawaii. Tsunami, forest fires and land slides, I do not wish witnessing at all. These three calamities are very scary and destructive.

How about you? Have you experience any of the above natural disasters? I would like to hear from you.

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