Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Review of the MHL US Concert Tour at TVC

My wife and I attended the My Husband's Lover(MHL) US Concert Tour last Sunday at the Pano Hall, Thunder Valley Casino(TVC) and Resort, Lincoln, California. This was our first live concert after more than 20 years of not attending live events. The last live concert that we have attended was the Julio Iglesias, Sr. Concert at Lake Tahoe in the late 1980's.

Our two tickets for the MHL concert were complimentary. Thanks to the Vice President of Slot Operations, Jay Duarte of Thunder Valley Casino and Resort.

The concert started only about 5 minutes late. The Hall was only 3/4 filled. About 90% were women of all ages. There were a few groups of teenagers who were screaming most of the time. The program started with a 30 minute commercial hosted by three Filipino-American comedians. The sound system was very loud and the commercial too long. There were a couple of audience participation warm-ups commercial which were boring.

However when the concert started with Kuh Ledesma singing One More Try, the crowd went frenzy with excitement. The program was similar to the concert held at the Araneta Colosseum in the Philippines that I saw in the Internet several weeks ago as follows:

Part 2 is in this set!

The three headliners, Abellana, Trillo and Rodriquez were greeted with enthusiasm and screams from adoring fans, mostly young Filipino-American women.

All in all the choice and variety of songs were good. However, the sound was so loud, and deafening you could barely hear the lyrics of the songs. The Minus -1 music that accompanied the songs was so loud, it gave me a headache. The sound system was geared for a bigger hall like the Araneta Colosseum. But it was a concert to remember and seeing the actual actors and actresses of my favorite TV soap opera made up for the deafening and overkill sound system. The concert was targeted to Filipino-American audiences and if you do not speak Tagalog, the concert is not for you.

Again, thank you Thunder Valley Casino and specifically Jay Duarte for the two complimentary tickets.

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