Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What Slots Do You Play on a Small Budget?

I asked an Executive of the Slot Machines Operation in my favorite casino here in Northern California, if he has any suggestion what slots shall I play for better chances of winning, with only $200 budgeted for about 4 hours play. Here's his answer

This is a tough question to answer. Are you a player who wants to play for a long time or someone who wants a chance to win large jackpots? Because they are really not the same type of player. If you want an opportunity to play with an advantage of skill then you should play video poker. We have some video poker machines here with a pay back over 98%. But I can’t recommend video poker without explaining that in order to win consistently you have to have a good strategy and know how to play the game. If you do then you have a level of skill that will allow you to win over 98% of the time. But video poker can be a little boring.

If you want to play just for entertainment and the excitement of taking a chance for large jackpots I would point you toward our $1.00 mechanical reel slots. They are, by far, the most popular slot machines with our players.

Conventional gaming wisdom would tell you that you should play the highest denomination game you can afford to play. And that is because the higher denomination games generally offer the best payback percentages. But with a $200 budget a high denomination game can eat through your money pretty fast if you don’t hit anything.

Do you find this advice useful? Let me know my dear readers if this information is useful. Good Day to all and remember, you only play an amount you can afford. If you are using your grocery or mortgage money to play, you are in big trouble, dear friends, male or female.

Personal Note: I like again to thank the Vice President for Slots Machines Operation of my favorite local Casino for his answers to my questions above as well as the $50 free slot play that he gave me, my wife and my neighbor yesterday when we visited the Casino. Mr. VP if you treat your clients the way you treat us we will become loyal patrons of the Casino for quite sometime. Again thanks a lot for the advice and the free play.

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