Sunday, July 7, 2013

Do You have any Phobia(s)?

An article about the five most common phobias attracted my attention just recently. They are fear of spiders( arachno), acro ( heights), public places( agna), dogs ( cyano) and snakes( ophidio) phobias. Phobias are any persistent, irrational and excessive fear of a thing or a situation. Psychiatrist claimed this was probably an experience in our childhood years that we have not outgrown.

In my case I have claustro ( confined spaces) and acro ( heights) phobias. How about you?

I have listed a number of phobias that not are not common, but if you are suffering from it, I feel sorry for you. They are: andro ( fear of men), belone ( pins and needles), claustro ( confined spaces), dento ( dentists), eluro ( cats), gamo ( fear of marriage), glosso( speaking in public), gyno ( fear of women), Iatro ( fear of doctors), lilapso ( tornadoes and hurricanes), myso ( dirt and germs), melano ( the color black), necro ( death and dead things),obeso ( gaining weight), philo ( fear of love), tonitro ( thunder),and Xeno ( strangers and foreigners. Last but not least is phobophobia, the fear for all phobias. For the article on the five common phobias visit:

Note: Can you imagine what the world will be if 30% of us suffer from andro or gyno phobias?

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