Saturday, July 27, 2013

Do You Watch Movies in the Internet?

Do you watch movies, TV dramas, and documentaries in the Internet? I do and I enjoy them as much as watching them in basic or cable television, because my PC Monitor is as big as a my small TV screen ( 30" by 20"). I have a free and You Tube accounts. There are several hundreds of free movies at Hulu and You Tube and at other sites of all genres that can satisfy a movie enthusiast like me. I enjoy watching these in my PC because I could stop any time and watch it any time I want to and I do not bother other members of my household who are watching other programs in our TV. We have three regular TV's in our 3 member household. The popular TV is in our family with the big screen. I have a compilation of the movies I have seen in my blog, The top ten most viewed movies in this blog are: Ken Park, Fedor Story, Autopsy, The Passion of Christ, Cruising, No Way Out, The Blue Lagoon, Betty Blue, May be..May be Not and the Nuns of Archangel.

I am very satisfied with my YouTube and Hulu accounts viewing movies in my PC. Of course there are several sites that charge from $1.99 to $9.99 for movies both American and Foreign in the Internet. For details visit,

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