Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Love and Hate for Facebook-My 12 Types of Friends

I enjoyed reading and writing daily in my Facebook page, but sometimes I see pictures, articles and comments that makes me puke and vow to myself to quit FB. A good example of photos, I REALLY do not enjoy are photos of obese children and preteen girls made up to look like young adults and prostitutes. But I do not think I could quit, because I have a mild addiction to FB. I do enjoy interaction with my twelve types of Facebook friends except numbers 11 and 12 as follows:

1. The photographer- this type shares his numerous photographs, sometimes excellent photos but often times boring photographs of himself and others.

2. The Romantic and Religious- this type shares all the romantic, inspiring and religious poems, sayings and articles.

3. The Lover and Exhibitionist- this type share his or her daily love life and activities, including what they are planning for their dating activities and how she felt after their love-making

4. The Gossiper- this type share all the gossips about his or her family as well as his relatives and friends

5. The Stalker-this type stalks and follows the posting of his friends and seldom make comments, but just click the “LIKE” button.

6. The Tagger-this type love tagging almost everybody in his circle of friends

7. The Video Sharer- this type like to share videos from You Tube, Vimeos and other news sources in the Internet

8. The Complainer-This type shares and bents all the aches and pains of her daily life-beats seeing a psychiatrist

9. The Publisher and Writer- this type shares all his/her writings from several writing sites.

10. The Historian-this types loves to share historical events, articles and photographs

11. The Game Player- this type do not talk much, but just play games-at least contributing to FB income. This one kept sending me invitations in spite of my warning that I do not play games in FB.

12. The Dumb and the Immature- this type always make dumb comments, sometimes does not say a word, but just type: he, he, he or ha, ha, ha! He/She thinks its funny, it is not, it tells me you are dumb, childish and an immature person.

Which type do you belong ?. Perhaps you are a combination of several types. I love all of you, except type # 11, since I do not play games in FB as well as type #12.

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