Friday, July 5, 2013

Ten Things that makes America Great this Year

For the last four years, every July 4th, Fortune Magazine makes 100 items that is great in America. In this year list, I could identify with only about 30 items and like only one item ( #10 in my list below). For this reason, I am making my own list ( only ten). Let me know if you can identify with my list and perhaps add more items that you think makes America great this year. Here is my list in no order of importance.

1. Facebook
- most popular social site in the world. The stock has stabilized, but I still believe it is not a good long term investment. I use Facebook daily.

2. Blogging- I love blogging and have no intention of quitting now or in the near future. I have reach almost 1 million page views last month

3. Google Adsense- This is its 10th year anniversary. Thanks to Adsense I could afford to buy a hamburger and ice cream every month

4. Twitter- I am beginning to like this site in spite of the word limit, I could use to convey my message

5. The New Firefox Logo- I love this logo. Good work Firefox

6. Windows 8- I do not feel there is a significant improvements from Windows 7. I am enjoying using Windows 7 now and have used it since last year.

7. I-pods- I do not have one and has no intention of buying one this year.

8. Pinterest- I love this site with the numerous pictures and subjects one can pin or repin.

and other writing sites( Squidoo, Triond etc.) I enjoy writing for this publish us site since last year. Has posted 423 articles so far including this one.

10. Reality TV- this item is in Fortune list this year: My old Favorite shows: Survivor, Amazing Race, Dancing with the Stars, the Voice. My new TV shows: Bachelorete, Siberia, So you think you can Dance, America's Got Talent and Big Brother.

For Fortune list, visit the site:

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