Thursday, June 13, 2013

Blueberries Pancakes for Breakfast

I learned to cook blueberries pancake, yesterday. In my previous posting about cooking, I wrote about my feeling of accomplishment after I cooked my first Filipino dish ( Chicken Tinola with Vegetables) with out the supervision of my wife. Please note that my wife was an excellent cook before her PD diagnosis, so I during the last 55 years of our marriage, I never intrude in her kitchen except to wash dishes.

Yesterday, I cooked my first pancake recipe without my wife supervision by just following the instruction in the box. This event was inspired when I saw fresh blueberries in the Farmer's Market near us. The blueberries are in season now here in Northern California. They look so fresh and yummy, I purchased a pint for less than $3.

I purchased a pancake mix from Raley's ( any brand will do) with an instruction that I followed as follows: Mixed 2 cups pancake mix, 1 cup milk and 2 eggs in a bowl. Mixed thoroughly. Add the pint of washed blueberries. Mixed and scoop a big spoonful or two of the mix in a flat electric skillet or at top of stove at medium heat. Do not forget to add cooking oil in the flat pan. Turn the pancake as soon as one side is brown. In 15 minutes I had 14-6 inches blueberries pancake for my wife and my breakfast. Easy and Fast.

Again, I can not believe, I can cook excellent pancakes without any sweat. Serve with bacon and brewed Baracco coffee from the Philippines. You can add butter or syrup or powdered sugar in your pancake if you wish. I am so proud of my newly discovered talent.

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