Sunday, June 30, 2013

Three Acts of Kindness from Strangers

The other day was my lucky day. Three events of kindness from strangers made my day.

Every week, my wife( Macrine) and I attend physical therapy so that Macrine's improved her gait in walking and develop muscle flexibility to prevent more falling as a result of her PD. While waiting in the Physical therapy office for our turn, I started coughing because of an itchy throat. I usually carry with me Halls throat lozenges, but that day I forgot. To my surprise, an elderly lady( about my age ) offered me a lozenge, exactly the same brand that I like. I accepted it with out hesitation and give her a million thanks.

After the therapy session, Macrine decided we pass by the grocery store to buy Pastrami and Havarti cheese( our favorite sandwich filling) in the deli section of the Raley store. There was a long line so I hesitated for a few seconds to get a number. A young stranger saw me hesitating and without any hesitation, he got a number and gave it to us. He commented that the line is getting long and we need to get serve fast. I gave him a look of appreciation as he walk away. The guy is Caucasian and must be in his early 30's. I will probably not recognized his face the next time I see him. Any way thanks, young man!

The last act of kindness occurred also on our way to check out from the store. We have less than 20 items. A lady customer ahead of us, asked if we are in a hurry. I said yes, because I was getting hungry and my head was starting to ache. She ask if we want to go ahead of her. I said yes and give her a million thanks and an appreciative smile.

Have you ever experience a similar act of kindness from strangers before? The three act of kindness from complete strangers we will never forget. Will I experience this kindness if we reside in the Philippines. Probably not, specially in Manila or in Makati, but perhaps in the provinces, may be even in Marinduque. Filipinos are noted for cutting in line!

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